A caring approach to ABA Therapy based on a foundation of trust and compassion

Kathy DiCostanzo MA,BCBA

For my entire life, I have been helping others that have different abilities than I. I owe the thanks to my mother who is hearing impaired, for teaching me these gifts. I knew at a very young age that helping others was the best feeling one could ever experience and it became my life’s passion.

In my company, you are getting more than a traditional ABA program, you are getting a BCBA that leads with her whole heart and brings 25 year of experience and education to support you through this process. You are getting a modern approach to ABA that works by creating joy and empowerment rather than restriction and distress.

“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child CAN do instead of what he cannot do”
~ Dr. Temple Grandin

In a time of uncertainty, rest assured that the happiness of the client and family is our main priority. Our approach is based on the things that your child enjoys, their strengths and their unique talents. Children should feel safe and secure and happy. It is our goal to bring you a program that encompasses compassion and success.

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