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ABA/Verbal Behavior Therapy

After the treatment plan is developed, your child will be assigned an ABA trained therapist that is experienced in our particular needs.

Not all ABA therapy is the same. We believe at Skyward Behavioral that learning new behavior should be an enjoyable process. We are changing the traditional approach and ensure that each child feels safe and secure and feels a trustful connection with their therapist.


Parent/Caregiver Training

Parent training is an important part of any successful program and is a time (usually weekly) dedicated for just the family and client.

We strive to set parents up with a toolbox of resources to encourage more positive outcomes in your daily life.




Comprehensive Assessment

We provide a detailed assessment that is based on parent and caregiver interviews, observations and using VB-MAPP. We use these to create a program that is perfect for your individual needs.

Keeping in mind what your child is able to do as well as the things that they enjoy most are the building blocks of our program.


Supervision & Training

Skyward Behavioral Health provides supervision for individuals in-training to become a BCBA or BCaBA. This training is provided at no cost for Skyward technicians and on a contracted fee basis for those that are not a part of the Skyward team. Training is provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Please refer to the BACB website for current requirements and credentialing